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If you are a commercial company, why have your system monitored at a central station designed to handle the needs of residential customers?


Your accounts should be monitored by a company that understands the commercial market - one that has the training and the professionalism to provide you with the services and information that fit your needs.


  •   Dedicated Fire Alarm Monitoring
  •   Supervisory Alarm Monitoring
  •   Dedicated Burglar Alarm Monitoring
  •   Radio Monitoring
  •   Panic and Duress Monitoring
  •   Holdup Monitoring
  •   24, 48, 72 Hour Test Signals
  •   Cellular Monitoring
  •   Elevator Phones
  •   Industrial Process Monitoring

We specialize in true system migration that allows you to view all your burglary, fire alarm and releasing systems, as well as industrial process monitoring from any location in the world with Internet access. Since Bass-United's central station is a UL-Listed central station, we follow - and in many cases exceed - all of their strict guidelines and standards.


Learn why you should switch to Bass-United's central station for professional-grade monitoring with our UL-listed, 24/7 central station.


Monitoring Services Provided

Bass-United is able to monitor alarms for burglar, fire, holdup, medical, environmental, mechanical failure, supervise openings and closings and provide monitoring for a variety of auto-test options and numerous other signal formats.


Bass-United also provides multiple types of video monitoring, wireless communication monitoring (AlarmNet Radio, Mobitex/Safety-Net, Cellular/Control Channel Cellular via Uplink, Microburst, TelGard & Skyroute) and Internet monitoring via Bosch NetCom, AlarmNet-I, DMP I-Com and Firelite IPDACT.


Advanced Event Management End-User Internet Access, 24-hour subscriber support center, All communication formats accepted including SIA, Contact ID and more