Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) and Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

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Bass United offers all the components required for design and installation of the Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES): signal boosters/ Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA), batteries and battery enclosures, donor antennas, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), coaxial cables, connectors and lighting arrestors, power dividers and hybrid couplers and design services.


Why we need BDA

Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) were first introduced in the 2009 International Building Code. The ERCES requirement was to address the performance of emergency responders' portable radios inside buildings because building construction, building size, construction features, and other elements can absorb or block radio communications. If a building does not meet the required signal strength (-95dBm), the only effective solution is the installation of a signal booster (BDA).


Signal Boosters/Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA)

Gamewell-FCI Class B BDAs are high gain, high power band-selective signal boosters/bi-directional amplifiers that can be designed and customized to meet all public safety frequency band ranges. It is intended to provide reliable two-way radio and FirstNet™ signal coverage inside buildings, tunnels and other structures. The band selective design delivers a reliable performance in even the most challenging RF environments.


State of the art design delivers high reliability and excellent performance in a small, lightweight, and economical package. Gamewell-FCI Class B BDAs have been tested and evaluated in accordance with UL2524 1st Edition requirements for In-building 2- Way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems, NFPA and IBC/IFC standards compliance—making it the best choice for public safety and other mission critical applications.



Features & Benefits

High Reliability

Built using the highest quality components and the latest RF semiconductors by major US Manufacturers. Designed and manufactured using state of the art manufacturing processes, Country of Origin: USA. Two high-efficiency power supplies are included for redundancy Each module has an internal microcontroller that continuously monitors its operation and measures the voltage, temperature, current and other parameters.

Excellent RF Performance

Band/Channel-Selective modules provide high rejection of unwanted, interfering signals. Multiple channels/bands are possible within the same amplifier. High performance bandpass cavity-type duplexers minimize out of band interference. High Gain of up to 92dB on both uplink and downlink ensures the high coverage area capacity even with very weak signals. High Power – capable of producing up to 32dBm of RF power, sufficient to cover very large indoor areas.

Optimal Form Factor

Small and light, fully integrated signal booster.

Ease of Use

Graphical LCD displays the BDA and PSU status and trouble conditions along with basic system diagnostics. Simple ALC LED light indication of signal strength.


Modular Design with easy to swap and easy to test modules. Each module has a status indication LED light for easy troubleshooting and status monitoring.

Clean, clutter-free design with easily accessible components

Modular Design allows for easy updates and frequency band changes. Multiple boosters can be combined on the same antenna system for multi-band operation.

Here’s a list of applications that may need BDAs. Check with your local municipality or Fire Department for your local requirements:

  •   Hospitals
  •   Hotels
  •   Manufacturing Plants
  •   Convention Centers
  •   Retail Shopping Malls
  •   Parking Garages
  •   Apartment Buildings
  •   Governmental Buildings
  •   Schools / Campuses
  •   Stadiums and Arenas
  •   Airport Terminals
  •   Office Buildings
  •   Shipping Ports
  •   And more