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Bass-United is proud to be one of the select few Panasonic IP Pro Resellers and a Hikvision Gold Dealer. We specialize in the design and installation of advanced high-resolution IP CCTV Systems that are reliable, efficient and easy to use. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality professional grade systems with exceptional customer service for every budget. Bass-United's CCTV Systems are designed to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to provide security solutions from Small Analog Systems, Mid-Size Hybrid Systems through Large IP Systems. CCTV Systems are used in all of today's major markets; including government, casinos, health care, education, airports, offices, condominiums and more.

These days Security Surveillance Systems are in higher demand than ever. With crime in the United States on the rise, more and more business owners, including restaurants, commercial warehouses, office buildings, grocery stores, schools, gas stations, retail businesses, law enforcement, transportation, casinos, car dealerships, property management, license plates, hotels, healthcare facilities, and government buildings.


Grocery Stores

We provide complete security camera systems so you have the tools you need to monitor your organization and track your assets effectively.

Private and Public Schools

High-Definition cameras for gyms, playing fields, concession stands, cafeterias, hallways, entrances, visitors, parents, pickup/drop off areas, with remote monitoring capability.

Gas Stations

We only use the highest grade commercial equipment for the most demanding environments. Storm rated and vandal-proof, along with high quality interior camera coverage.

Retail Stores Security

Video record money exchanging hands, credit card fraud, theft, patrons, and employees and view it all remotely when you're busy running your business, having the capability of reviewing a reported incident days later with digitally recorded video.

Warehouse and Office Buildings

Complete security systems that monitor daily operations and offers preventive maintenance for people on the ground and machinery. Improve your manufacturing safety with heat recording video devices.

Law Enforcement and First Responders

Vandal resistant, low light sharp imaging cameras for booking, interrogation rooms, interview rooms, microphone and audio, jail cell, and drunk tank monitoring.


Eye-level cams, people counting, unattended object detection, anti-fogging, 180 degree cameras, fisheyes, and adjustable alarm thresholds. Built-in equipment analytics for narrowing down your search.


Capture and monitor high definition, real-time video of patrons, gaming tables, entertainment areas, parking valets, vaults, cashiers and employees. Motorized Varifocal Casino Cameras allow detailed close-ups for critical examination of crucial areas.

Car Dealerships

Use HD cameras to see dents, scratches, and vehicle damage when it happens. Monitor your floor staff for productivity and customer relations. Always have eyes on your car lot remotely from all your devices.

License Plates

High or low speed License plate cameras for toll-roads, parking garages, HOA entrances, apartment complexes, or any gated community. Vehicle speeds of 75 mph (120 km/h) are supported. Up to four lanes of traffic can be monitored. Vehicle direction and recognition of vehicles both approaching and leaving are included.

Property Management

Monitor rental properties, apartments, condos, businesses, shopping centers, boat yards and may other managed properties. Tools included could be remote management, notification and alerts, wireless building connections, which saves excavation costs and reduces installation time.

Hotel Safety and Security

High-Definition security cameras for hotel lobbies, entrances, exits, guest rooms, hallways, meeting areas, conference rooms, and the pool. May be monitored by multiple departments, including management, security and maintenance.

Restaurants and Outside Dining

Low light cameras are excellent for dimly lit dining rooms. Money counting, walk-in coolers, waste, kitchen areas. All can be recorded and viewed in high resolution for detailed analysis.

Healthcare Facitlities

Reduce health and security risks. Improve hospital security and patient safety on an open platform and easy to use user interface. Systems may include many video applications for different medical environments; i.e. operating rooms, kitchen areas, and exterior areas.

Government Buildings

Secure equipment that lets you focus on running the country. Be prepared for any emergency with excellent video and access control resources. Interface of video systems for better verification of access to properties.


Bass-United specializes in the design and installation of advanced high-resolution HD CCTV Systems that are reliable, efficient and easy to use. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality professional grade systems with exceptional customer service for every budget. Bass-United's CCTV Systems are designed to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to provide security solutions from Small Analog Systems, Mid-Size Hybrid Systems through Large IP Systems. CCTV Systems are used in all of today's major markets; including grocery stores, private/ public schools, gas stations, retail stores, warehouse and office buildings, law enforcement and first responders, transportation, casinos, car dealerships, license plates, property management, hotel safety and security, restaurants and outside dining, health care facilities, education, airports, offices, condominiums and more. Call Bass United for your customized cctv system for your competitive and cost conscious quote at 1-800-372-2770.


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What are the different styles of cameras available?
  •   Fixed Domes
    A Fixed dome is a dome camera with a fixed lens; the camera is set to view one specific area. Indoor domes, Mini domes, Outdoor rated domes and Vandal resistant domes are available.
  •   PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Domes
    A PTZ camera can be moved via the DVR or a joystick. You can set PTZ cameras for a tour which auto rotates to cover a certain area. Indoor PTZ Domes, Mini PTZ Domes and Outdoor PTZ Domes are available.
  •   Bullet Cameras
    A Bullet camera has a long-range fixed lens and it is typically used for long range views such as a driveway or entry gate The lenses are vari-focal and give the installer the flexibility to adjust the width of the image captured. Indoor Bullet Cameras and Outdoor Bullet Cameras are available.
  •   Box Cameras
    A Box camera allows you the flexibility to choose your own lens and housing.
What is an Analog Camera Security System?

An Analog Camera Security System uses analog video signals and transfer that signal over coax cable to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or a Monitor for continuous live viewing. Each camera is connected directly to the DVR or Monitor by using cable which bundles the video and the power together.


Who uses Analog Security Systems?

Analog Camera Security Systems are widely used in condominiums, apartment buildings, gated communities, office buildings, clubhouses, elevators, private residences, industrial sites etc. due to their cost effectiveness and ease of use.


How do I view my Analog Cameras?

A monitor can be connected directly to the cameras or to the DVR for viewing by a security guard, building manager, office staff, etc.

A DVR converts the images and stores it on a hard drive for retrieval. Intelligence is built into the DVR to handle scheduling, motion detection, digital zoom, remote viewing via the internet, etc. The DVR which stores the images can be set up to broadcast over the internet. The video for all of the cameras linked to the DVR are transmitted as one stream (one IP address). It is very efficient and secure for viewing.


How many cameras can my DVR record?

DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) come in a variety of sizes. Typically DVRs have 4, 8 or 16 channels. Each channel represents a camera. If you have a 16 Channel DVR you can record up to 16 cameras on that one DVR.

The amount of storage available is dependent upon the size of your DVRs hard drive (250GB, 500GB, 1 TB, 2TB, etc), the amount of cameras being stored and the resolution of the cameras.

What is an IP Camera Security System?

An IP Camera Security System captures an analog image and immediately converts it to digital at the camera itself. The digital video stream is then broadcast over the IP network using Ethernet cable. Each camera is connected to the cable which feeds directly into a network hub. The IP Camera signal is broadcast over the internet much like DVR signal. The difference is that each camera has its own unique IP address.


Who uses IP Camera Security Systems?

IP Camera Security Systems are widely used by large facilities with their own IP network dedicated to the camera system, especially if the cameras will be spread out over a large area or if wireless cameras will be used.

Casinos, Law Enforcement, Universities, large Nursing homes, Hospitals, large Office buildings, etc. are many of the ideal candidates for IP Camera Systems due to the additional set up requirements for an IP system.


How do I store images from my IP Cameras?

A high-powered PC with hard drive space is required to store the camera images.


How many IP cameras can I have on one system?

The amount of IP cameras on one system depend on your network's bandwidth. Video uses a lot of bandwidth and many facilities create an entirely separate IP Network to run their camera system. For instance, a megapixel resolution camera offers intense image clarity, however it uses a great deal of bandwidth.

The amount of cameras on the system and bandwidth requirement should be determined when considering the hard drive for the PC.

Bass-United is proud to install, test and service the following manufacturers including many more...

  •   Arecont Vision
  •   Axis
  •   Bosch
  •   Clinton Electronics
  •   Dahua
  •   Digital Watchdog
  •   Everfocus
  •   FLIR
  •   Genetec
  •   Hanwha Techwin
  •   Honeywell
  •   Hikvision
  •   Javelin
  •   JVC
  •   Mobotox
  •   Panasonic
  •   Pelco
  •   Salient Systems
  •   Sanyo
  •   Smart Vue
  •   Sony
  •   Speco
  •   Toshiba
  •   Vivo Tek