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Our engineers are second to none in the industry. In addition to being fully trained and certified, they work closely with the installation team. By doing so, they have a better understanding of how their designs translate in the field, and how to optimize those designs to satisfy local and national codes. What we refer to as "value engineering" is best explained to our clients as engineering value: creating the most efficient design with an eye on the bottom line. Our engineers and designers know the fire protection industry inside and out. They use their experience and expertise to develop or refine existing plans to maximize time and budget.


Low voltage design and engineered services refer to the planning and implementation of electrical systems that operate at low voltage levels. These services are important in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, as well as data centers and other critical infrastructure facilities. Low voltage engineering professionals are able to design systems that provide power, lighting, communication capabilities, protection of property and people, while also ensuring compliance within industry standards and safety regulations. Key considerations in low voltage design include energy efficiency, reliability, and flexibility to accommodate future growth and changes in technology. Overall, effective low voltage design and engineering services are essential to ensuring safe, efficient, and functional electrical systems in a range of settings.


Our engineers work as closely with the installation team as they do with their fellow designers, which allow them to value engineer most plans to meet your bottom line. Whether or not you choose to use our installation services, you can be assured that the plans we've provided will satisfy your business needs in the most effective and efficient manner.


We keep our team on the forefront of industry trends by regularly investing in both information and technology. We require our engineers and designers to stay current on national and local codes, including NFPA 13, 20, 25, 101 and 72, and others; along with FBC and BOCA codes. They have also been outfitted with 3-D capability.


  •   Program/File
  •   AutoCAD
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  •   .dwg or .dxf. Dwt
  •   .bmp, .wmf
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  •   Plot Sizes for All Types
  •   A, B, C, D Port/Land
  •   ANSI E 34 x 40 Landscape Only
  •   ANSI F 28 x 40 Landscape Only

Complete system design including drawings and submittals, which are accurate, reliable and meet codes. We "value engineer" your projects for maximum dollar savings. E-mail us your drawings/plans for free estimate, at:

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