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Our cost effective installation department can wire and install new systems, as well as bring existing systems up to present codes.


Turnkey Installation

Every project and every customer has unique needs. This is equally true whether you're doing new construction or a system retrofit. Either way, your life safety, fire protection and communications systems are simply to important to receive anything short of expert consultation, design and installation.


With thousands of installed systems, BASS-UNITED offers an unmatched record in managing this process from needs analysis and design through system certification. We do a lot more than run wires and cables. BASS-UNITED Installation crews provide the comprehensive skills to ensure your systems meet your expectations, the building specifications, and all code requirements.


We'll complement your own in-house expertise and resources as needed, or provide a total turnkey solution that encompasses:
  •   Consultation
  •   Site survey and assessment
  •   Budgeting and cost-estimating
  •   System integration
  •   Subcontractor management
  •   Installation of conduit systems
  •   System design, layout & specifications
  •   Integration with HVAC, elevators, smoke control
  •   Mounting initiating devices
  •   Acceptance testing
  •   System certification
  •   Operator training
  •   System programming
  •   Operational assistance
  •   Inspection and maintenance
  •   Wiring, terminating and circuit function testing