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Mass Notification provides a timely means to notify building occupants of threats and instruct them on what to do in response to those threats. Mass Notification systems are commonly used to notify building occupants of fire alarms, terrorism, destructive weather and dangerous intruders.


In the event of an emergency communication is distributed to particular zones or regions, on specific floors, buildings and outdoor locations. The systems use state of the art digital signal processors which provide a reliable pre-recorded clear message and live voice instruction. At any time during the pre-recorded announcements, the authorities or building management can use the paging module for live audio which is instantaneously transmitted throughout the building. Mass Notification is commonly used in Communities — Places of Public Assembly, Hospitals- Healthcare Facilities, Military Bases, Local and Municipal Government, Schools and Universities.


Mass Notification benefits:

  •   Live voice instruction
  •   Built into new fire alarm systems
  •   Reliability and Survivability
  •   Reliable and clear pre-recorded messages
  •   Instantaneous audio transmitted throughout building
  •   Redundant supervision for system failures
  •   Messages sent via cellphone, PDA and text messaging.


Bass-United is proud to install, test and service the following manufacturers including many more...
  •   Gamewell-FCI
  •   Firelite
  •   Silent Knight
  •   Notifier
  •   Evax
  •   Mircom
  •   Cooper-Wheelock
  •   ATI Systems