Safe-Net Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring System

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What is Safe-Net?

Safe-Net is a wireless radio alarm monitoring system that is maintained and operated by Bass-United. Our wireless fire alarm monitoring communicator is connected directly to your existing fire alarm panel. Don't worry if your system is old, the wireless fire alarm communicator is compatible with any fire alarm brand.


Our Safe-Net fire alarm communicator product uses a wireless mesh network instead of phone lines to provide multiple paths for data transfer. The wireless mesh network uses only U.L. 864 Fire listed AES-IntelliNet technology incorporating 2-way smart transceivers for communicating data between remote locations and the U.L. Listed Central Receiver. Unlike many other wireless systems you may find, the wireless radio mesh network data always follows the shortest, most reliable route available to ensure the highest reliability.


  •   No phone lines fees
  •   No more unreliable phone service
  •   Around-the-clock fire protection
  •   Low cost monthly monitoring fees


  •   Redundancy
  •   High reliability and transmission speed
  •   Huge Savings


Your Safety can't wait. Get Safe-Net today!

Please call (954) 785-7800 for information about our no cost installations and low cost wireless fire alarm monitoring.