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About Safe-Net Wireless Communicator by AES-Intellinet

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Bass United Fire & Security Systems, Inc. is proud to provide Safe-Net. Safe-Net is a wireless radio alarm monitoring system that is maintained and operated by Bass-United. Our wireless fire alarm monitoring communicator is connected directly to your existing fire alarm panel. Don't worry if your system is old, the wireless fire alarm communicator is compatible with any fire alarm brand. Our Safe-Net fire alarm communicator product uses a wireless mesh network instead of phone lines to provide multiple paths for data transfer. The wireless mesh network uses only U.L. 864 Fire listed AES-IntelliNet technology incorporating 2-way smart transceivers for communicating data between remote locations and the U.L. Listed Central Receiver. Unlike many other wireless systems you may find, the wireless radio mesh network data always follows the shortest, most reliable route available to ensure the highest reliability.


AES Corporation was founded in 1974 as a contract-engineering firm providing PCB design and manufacturing services. In 1976, under contract to the US Government, AES began developing a family of products for the security industry. This family of products fueled the companies’ growth for over two decades and today AES is a leader in the security industry with products deployed in over 85 countries. In the mid-1990s, AES responded to growing demands for a communications network that would serve the security needs of clients dispersed over large geographic areas or in regions without phone or cellular service. The challenge was to create a data network that was reliable, self-adapting, and required no dedicated radio towers or reliance on local phone or cellular providers. As a result, AES developed the first long range wireless mesh network and the patented AES-IntelliNettechnology was released. AES-IntelliNet is the foundation for a new generation of technology offerings in the security field as well as other industries that find the benefits of wireless mesh technology well suited to their application requirements. AES-IntelliNet technology quickly became the industry leader in the security industry and has expanded the technology into other aspects of the security industry such as home arrest monitoring and vehicle tracking. Today AES Corporation continues its commitment to IntelliNet technology, developing new products and applications that allow users worldwide to benefit from the advantages of wireless mesh networks.

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