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Bass-United's Access Control systems are robust, full featured software packages that have been designed to take advantage of cutting edge technologies to provide Access control solutions from stand-alone through networked systems in all of today's major markets; including government, health care, education, airports, offices and more. The scalable architecture and flexibility of our product lines provide an easy to use and easy to implement solution for any size facility. Our Access Control systems include the components necessary to make installations and system upgrades as simple as possible. Card user management, physical door control, wireless electronic locks, event monitoring and CCTV surveillance can all be performed locally or from a remote workstation via the internet. These features allow building managers the freedom and flexibility to monitor their buildings from anywhere in the world.


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What is Card Access?

Card Access systems are a convenient, versatile, secure and reliable solution to access management and people management whether it is a parking garage, office building, gated community, government facility or any other application that requires monitored and controlled entry.


Card Access systems provide many benefits including:

  •   User-friendly computer interface for adding or removing users, key fobs and HID cards:
          It virtually eliminates the need for re-keying
  •   System expandability:
          You can add additional card access readers and card access control panels in phases to meet any budget
  •  Multiple access levels that limit access:
          You can add additional card access readers and card access control panels in phases to meet any budget
What is a wireless electronic lock?

Wireless electronic locks and electronic hotel locks are state of the art electronic locks that include magnetic stripes, smart/memory cards and RFID (contactless) readers. Every lock can be set up to work with either a stand-alone, windows based or wireless online system.


Wireless Electronic Locks/ Electronic Hotel Locks provide many benefits including:

  •   Real time functionality of events and alarms
  •   Eliminates visiting doors to update information
  •   Central access control management
  •   Ability to manage both wireless and stand-alone locks
  •   Emergency global lockdown or passage of locks
  •   Manage up to 100 wireless locks without a network interface
  •   Compatible with existing Wi-Fi network using optional adapter
  •   Proven wireless technology
  •   Mesh network for redundancy
  •   Portability allows locks to be easily moved
What is Biometrics?

With a Biometrics system lost cards, forgotten passwords and outdated keypads are a thing of the past. Biometric identification through fingerprints, iris scans, facial identification and other technologies is unobtrusive but reliably restricts access to your facilities and sensitive areas.

What is Visitor Management?

Track and monitor where visitors are inside your organization. Go beyond a simple badge or barcode to track usage statistics by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor locations within a facility.

What is door access control system?

Door access control systems enable an authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer-based information system.

What is a security barrier gate?

Security barrier gates are used for shopping malls, railway stations, subways, pedestrian passage, parking lots, highway speed toll ways, etc. Security barrier gates use TCP/IP network control technology.

We also provide seamless integrated interface for:

  •   Access control
  •   Alarm monitoring
  •   DVR/NVR Interface
  •   Visitor management control
  •   Time and attendance payroll functions
  •   Photo ID badging
  •   Email and SMS notification
  •   Intrusion with Fire Alarm systems
  •   Threat level management
  •   Dynamic map control
  •   Elevator control
  •   Vehicle tracking
  •   TCP/IP Communication
  •   Energy Conservation Management
  •   Security Cameras
  •   HVAC
  •   Global lockdown or lockdown by ani-passback areas

Bass-United is proud to install, test and service the following manufacturers including many more...

  •   Doorking
  •   HID
  •   Honeywell
  •   Kantech
  •   Locknetics
  •   Napco
  •   Northern
  •   Secura Key
  •   Sielox
  •   GE
  •   IEI
  •   Interlogix
  •   Keri Systems
  •   Keyscan
  •   LiftMaster
  •   Linear
  •   Mega Arm
  •   Mircom
  •   S2 Pronto
  •   SDC
  •   Securitron
  •   Sirit
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