NFPA Code Revised On-Site Fire Alarm Documentation

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Date: 02/01/2015
Author: Stephanie Koury

The National Fire and Protection Association, the industry standard in enforcement of fire code regulation, recently revised the NFPA 72, 2013 edition with new code requirements that stipulate a fire alarm document cabinet must accompany a fire alarm panel.  Bass Fire & Security System's professional staff stay current with industry trends and regulations and are at the forefront of the fire and security industry.  Contact Our Fire System Professionals with any questions about your system's documentation.

The revised NFPA 72: NATIONAL FIRE ALARM AND SIGNALING CODE requires four basic elements for every system's documentation:

  • An owner’s manual and manufacturer’s published instructions covering all system equipment
  • Recorded (as-built) drawings.
  • A completed Record of Completion form
  • For software-based systems, record copy of the site-specific software
    • The requirement for the site-specific software is not the source code for the system, nor is it the programming software. It is the data file that can be used with the proper programming software to recover the system program if the need arises.



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