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Intrusion and Burglar Alarm Security Systems are essentially an investment for your peace of mind. Bass -United specializes in the design and installation of cutting edge Intrusion and Burglar Alarm Security Systems which are reliable, efficient and easy to use. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality professional, commercial grade systems with exceptional customer service for every budget. With today's unpredictable economy and the possibility of an increase in crime, Intrusion and Burglar Alarm Security Systems are becoming more important than ever before. Bass-United understands the importance of keeping your business safe and secure from intruders.


Commercial security system installations can be designed to meet any budget including basic alarm systems which monitor doors and windows to systems that are integrated with cameras and access control. Commercial security systems are used in all of the major markets; including business offices, government facilities, casinos, health care, education, airports, offices, condominiums and more.


What is an Intrusion and Buglary Alarm Security System?

An Intrusion and Burglar system is specifically designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or area. When the alarm is triggered a signal is sent to the security panel which causes an audible alarm. Alarms can sound locally for notification purposes or be forwarded to a monitoring station for police dispatch.

Who dispatches the police?

If you choose for your system to be monitored the authorities are notified by the central monitoring station.

  •   Once the alarm signal is received, the operator will contact your pre-determined party list and the authorities.
  •   If you do not want the authorities to be automatically notified, your party list will be notified until a live person is reached.
How can I Arm and Disarm my system?

Arming/Disarming of your security system can be achieved in many ways today.

  •   Keypad Arming/Disarming is the most common form.
  •   At the keypad you press in your 4 digit code and press off, stay or away.
  •   You can have several different codes with different user levels for one system. (Cleaning crew, weekend shift, managers, etc.)
  •   Opening and Closing history can be directly emailed to your smart phone, or a report can be generated daily to inform you who is arming and disarming the system.
  •   Key chains are available for one touch remote arming and disarming.
  •   Smart phones equipped with the app for your system offer one touch remote arming and disarming.
  •   Arming/Disarming can be achieved online through applications such as (Fees apply for additional features)
How do you monitor my system for alarms?

Security Alarm monitoring can be achieved in several ways, via phone lines, cellular panels and radio panels. For as little as $1.00 a day your commercial security system can be monitored 24-7 for burglar alarms, giving you peace of mind when you are away from your business.

What is the difference between phone lines, cellular and radio?
  •   Phone line monitoring requires that you provide phone lines adjacent to the security panel. When the alarm signal is triggered, the phone line will be seized to contact the monitoring station.
  •   Phone line monitoring is susceptible to static, line seizures, line cuts, etc.
  •   Cellular monitoring is achieved through a cellular panel or antenna that is connected to your system. The signal is broadcast via cellular towers. No phone lines are required.
  •   Radio monitoring is achieved through a radio panel that is connected to your system. The signal is transmitted by the radio to a wireless mess network. No cell phone towers or phone lines are required.

Bass-United is proud to install, test and service the following manufacturers including many more...

  •   Ademco
  •   Altronix
  •   Apex
  •   Bosch
  •   Caddx
  •   DSC
  •   F.B.I.I.
  •   Honeywell
  •   ITI
  •   Linear
  •   Napco
  •   Optex
  •   Sentrol
  •   Vista
  •   2GIG